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This application is for Gallery To Go Las Vegas. Please read the requirements for submissions before you begin.

Requirements for Art Submission

Gallery-to-Go is looking for Artwork for our Art Vending machines by local Las Vegas Artists! Suggested items include: Original Artwork (on canvas, wood, etc), high quality prints, handmade jewelry, sticker packs, magnets, notecards, small objects de art or anything else you create.

Please note that not all items will be accepted and our curation process will take into account a variety of factors. If your item is not selected please apply again during our next call for art. There is no fee to apply and there is no placement fee if selected to participate. There will be a 25% commission on items sold to cover credit processing and fees, sales tax and upkeep of the machine. Artists will retain 75% of all sales. Artwork must stay in the machine until the end date – no early removal. Commission checks will be distributed during artwork pickup.

Step 1 - Upload Image

Choose your favorite image of the series to start the application process. You will have a chance to upload more photos at the end. Images can be .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, or .bmp. Max file size is 10 MB.

Step 2 - Artist Info

Next, tell us a bit about yourself, so we can give you credit for your work - and most importantly, pay you for it!

Legal Name (for writing on checks)

Contact Info (to notify you of checks)

Social, Media & Promotions (All Optional)

Location Information

Step 3 - Artwork Info

Now, tell us about the works you want us to feature in Gallery To Go. We need artists to provide at least 8 items in each series in order to fill the machine.

Step 4 (Optional) - Add More Photos

Images can be .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, or .bmp. Max file size is 10 MB, larger files take longer to load.

Step 5 - Submit Application

Please Review all of the information above (or to the left), finish adding extra photos, then click the button below to receive a confirmation email for your application